Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

Dated: December 9 2022

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It’s always nice to walk into a home and smell good things like herbs and spices. While waiting for your family and friends to come over, you can make a quick and straightforward stovetop potpourri by simmering water and adding your favorite aromatics. These aromatics-based simmer pot ideas will make a lovely addition to your holiday home.


You can make this delightful treat by filling a pot with water and adding herbs and spices. Then, bring it to a simmer and let it simmer on the stove. You can create your signature blend by adding aromatics to the pot. Here are some ideas to get started on your signature scent!


Whole Cloves - One of the season's most traditional scents and flavors is the warm and intense aroma of cloves. You can enjoy this with only a few cloves in the pot of simmering water.


Cardamom Pods - For something a bit more exotic, try adding a few cardamom pods to the pot. These pods have a spicier and more complex scent.


Cinnamon Sticks - These are CLASSIC! Cinnamon sticks can make your house smell like you're baking cinnamon rolls. 


Pine Sprigs - Christmas trees smell great, so why not add some pine Sprigs to your house to enhance its festive aroma?


Fruit Peels - Make sure to save the peels from your favorite snack and put them into a pot with the other ingredients. Some fruits that can be used include apples, oranges, grapefruit, clementine, and lemon. You could even add whole cranberries!


Chai Tea - If you'd rather not hunt around your home for spices or splurge on a bunch of new ones at the store, a few chai tea bags can give you some of the same smells a little bit faster!


Ginger Slices - If you want to create a warm and spicy aroma in your house, add a bit of fresh ginger to it. Then, add some baking spices to make it even more enticing.


Star Anise - The whole star anise is great for an added licorice scent! It pairs well with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, etc.


Rosemary or Sage - Add aromatic herbs, such as Sage and woody rosemary, to the pot to balance spicy scents! 


Vanilla and Almond Extracts - In the simmering pot, a couple of drops of vanilla extract will bring out the sweet smell of baked goods, while a drop of almond extract will leave your home with the marzipan aroma. You could also add fresh vanilla bean if you have that on hand. 


Essential Oils - Lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, bay leaf oil, chamomile, and more are perfect for simmer pots. Especially if you don't have fresh alternatives on hand, they also have a longer shelf life for future use! Thyme, spruce, vetiver, and cedarwood oils might also be fun to play with when making a simmer pot!


Lemongrass - Not necessarily a traditional holiday scent, but smells clean and herbal. It mixes nicely with basil and lime, too!


For an added holiday bonus, you can buy a decorative simmer pot that you'll want to leave on the stove for the whole season! Popular options include all-clear simmer pots like these from Amazon or more decorative ones from places like Williams Sonoma or Crate & Barrel! The possibilities are endless!

How do you scent your home during the holidays? Do you make simmer pots or potpourri? Or do you prefer a holiday-scented candle?

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Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

It’s always nice to walk into a home and smell good things like herbs and spices. While waiting for your family and friends to come over, you can make a quick and straightforward stovetop

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